How to cancel a package or domain?

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Firstly login to our client area using your email address and password.

If you are interested in cancelling a hosting package, navigate to Services > My Services > Click the desired package > Request Cancallation (in the sidebar menu) > Describe why you are cancelling the packages with some words and choose the desired cancellation date.

To cancel a domain, naviagte to Domains > My Domains > Click the tool icon near the domain you want to cancel > Auto Renew (in the sidebar menu) > Disable Auto Renew.
Please note that a domain cannot be cancelled or refunded. If you want to completely disable/delete a domain, please contact us.

Any cancelled package will be terminated on the chosen cancellation date. This action cannot be undone - please ensure to take a backup on yourself.

A cancelled domain will stay active until it reaches its expireation date. Keep in mind that it will be available for anyone to register again after a specific time.

If you have an unpaid invoice for a hosting package or domain, it will be automatically cancelled.

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