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This article should give you an overview on how to request a free Let's Encrypt certificate on your cloud hosting package.

Let's Encrypt is an automated certificate authority (CA) that provides a free and easy way to generate the SSL certificates required for enabling HTTPS for your website.

Before requesting a free Let's Encrypt certificate, ensure that your website is live and accessable by any assigned subdomain (eg. and

Now you are ready to request the certificate - to do so follow the steps below.

  1. Login to the client area (
  2. Navigate to the cloud package (Services -> My services -> Click the desired package).
  3. Now open the "SSL Manager" and navigate to "Let's Encrypt".
  4. To request the certificate, click the "Activate" button.

The server will now request a Let's Encrypt certificate for your domain. This process can take up to two minutes.

On success, you will be able to access your website using HTTPS without an error message (eg. If you cannot access your website over HTTPS (without a security warning), please contact our support team.

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