Pricing increase of cPanel packages

  • Friday, 16th August, 2019
  • 19:24pm

We have been a partner of cPanel for many years and are proud of the offer we provide to our customers. On June 27th, together with all other cPanel partners, we received notice of a drastic change in the way cPanel intends to price its products. We immediately passed our dissatisfaction with the new prices to the management in cPanel. We hope they will re-evaluate the decision on price changes, but if they do not, we have already completed an initial impact assessment on our services. With the new pricing model, we expect our costs to increase by 800% and above.

As for our cPanel offering, the price increase will affect not only some of our existing customers but also all of our new customers. New package prices are already published on our website and apply to all new orders. The price of existing packages will not change for the time being, provided they are packages of the last generation. Things may change depending on how the cPanel situation develops in the coming months, but the current plan is to leave these prices unchanged. The cost of free and older packages will be increased - users will be notified by email.

We hope this has provided you with some more information on the current situation. Although we hate raising prices, we have no choice because of the actions of cPanel. Please be assured that we are constantly monitoring cPanel pricing and that we will do our best to continue to offer you the lowest possible price, with the best possible quality of service.

Since our cloud packages do not use cPanel, users of these packages do not expect price increases.

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