Our roadmap for 2021 and the beginning of 2022

  • 7th November 2021
Another eventful year is slowly drawing to a close. Nevertheless, we at DIHOST are working flat out on new products and expanding our existing web hosting and cloud infrastructure. The following is an overview of our current and planned projects for 2021 and spring 2022. Cloud hosting news A new, revised cloud panel with numerous new and useful ...
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New WordPress security measure (login window)

  • 4th December 2020
Due to persistent and automated attacks on individual WordPress websites, we have introduced an additional security measure. Who does the change affect? This affects WordPress website owners who own a cPanel web hosting package. What does that mean specifically for me? When navigating to "/wp-admin" (the WordPress administration), a small ...
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Coronavirus: information for our customers

  • 17th March 2020
Our daily life is currently severely restricted due to the measures taken to contain the coronavirus. This also applies to our employees who are there for you every day. We would therefore like to inform you that we will continue to monitor the current situation carefully and take all necessary measures to ensure high-quality operational service ...
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Pricing increase of cPanel packages

  • 16th August 2019
We have been a partner of cPanel for many years and are proud of the offer we provide to our customers. On June 27th, together with all other cPanel partners, we received notice of a drastic change in the way cPanel intends to price its products. We immediately passed our dissatisfaction with the new prices to the management in cPanel. We hope ...
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